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A Cry For Help...
I hate asking for help. I really do, especially since I've asked so much in the past, but this situation demands it..

Tuesday night while me and my boyfriend were chilling around the mall, our roommate up and left. We got a call as we were walking around with him saying "I'm going to my dad's, whatever I left behind you guys can keep and sell."

That's it.

No warning that ANYTHING was wrong at all. We were completely blindsided. And while he is still legally obligated to pay his portion of the rent because he is on the lease, I have a distinct feeling that he wont pay a cent. His reason for leaving is a debt of $1K that he put himself in by not paying off his credit card, constantly buying commissions when we advised him not to, and racking up the electricity bill to a whopping $400.

So now, in light of all of this, me and Raph are stuck with an apartment we have no hope to afford. He's only just started his job, and his first paycheck will not be enough to cover anything. My next paycheck only covers a portion of rent and internet/electricity. We have no hope of being able to afford anything without help, and we're also out of food stamps.

This whole situation is playing hell on my anxiety, so much so that it's also interfering with my work (I'm having panic attacks at work .-. ), not to mention both of our depression problems.

If you could just spread the word that I'm taking commissions, or if people can donate (i say commissions first, because I know how donating to a stranger feels a bit odd)...anything would help. Anything at all.

And if you don't want to spread the word, I wont hold it against you, I really wouldn't. It's just that we face the uncertainty of the end of the month, whether we'll be evicted and literally left living out of our cars, or if we'll actually be able to pull through. I just...don't know, and it's that unknowing that's killing me.

at this point, desperation is too soft of a word for how I currently feel...


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